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Are you looking for a convenient way to order food from your favorite restaurants? Grubhub is an online and mobile food ordering platform that allows you to order food from local restaurants. With Grubhub, you can easily find the restaurant you want, browse their menu, and place your order with just a few clicks. If you have any questions or need help with your order, there are several ways to contact Grubhub. In this article, we will discuss how to contact Grubhub and the different methods available.

How to Contact Grubhub Customer Service

If you need to contact Grubhub Customer Service, there are several ways to do so.

You can call the Grubhub Customer Service line at 1-877-585-1085. The line is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST.

You can also email Grubhub Customer Service at

Additionally, you can reach out to Grubhub Customer Service via their social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

We hope this information helps you get in touch with Grubhub Customer Service.

Different Ways to Reach Out to Grubhub

Grubhub, your go-to food delivery and takeout platform, is here to make your dining experience as smooth as possible. Whether you have questions about your order, need assistance with a technical issue, or want to provide feedback, Grubhub offers various ways to get in touch with their support team. In this article, we’ll explore the different channels you can use to reach out to Grubhub and get the help you need.

1. Phone Support (1-877-585-1085)

  • Sometimes, a friendly voice on the other end of the line is all you need. Grubhub provides a customer service hotline that you can call at 1-877-585-1085. This is a convenient option for those who prefer talking to a real person.

2. Email (

  • If you have a non-urgent inquiry or prefer written communication, you can send an email directly to Grubhub at Be sure to include all the relevant details to help them assist you efficiently.

3. Live Chat

  • Grubhub’s Live Chat feature is a fantastic way to get immediate assistance without the hassle of waiting on hold. Here’s how you can use it:
    • Log in to your Grubhub account and select “Help” from the menu.
    • Choose “Live Chat” from the list of options.
    • Enter your name, email address, and the subject of your inquiry.
    • Type your question into the chat box and click “Send.”
    • You’ll be connected with a customer service representative who can address your concerns.
    • Once your issue is resolved, click “End Chat” to close the conversation.

4. Social Media

  • Grubhub is active on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can reach out to them through these channels, and they’ll typically respond to messages and comments in a timely manner. Social media can be a great way to get quick answers to your questions.

5. Help Center

  • Before reaching out to Grubhub’s support team, consider visiting their Help Center. Here, you can find answers to frequently asked questions, which might save you time and provide the information you need without contacting customer support.

6. Mail

  • If you prefer traditional correspondence, you can send mail to Grubhub’s corporate office at the following address:
    • 111 W Washington St
    • Chicago, IL 60602

These multiple communication channels ensure that Grubhub is easily accessible to its customers, catering to their preferred means of contact. Whether you have a pressing issue or a simple inquiry, Grubhub’s customer support is ready to assist you promptly.

How to Make the Most of Grubhub’s Live Chat Feature

Are you looking to use Grubhub’s Live Chat feature but not sure where to start? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide on how to maximize this convenient support option.

1. Log in to Your Grubhub Account

  • First things first, log in to your Grubhub account to access all the features and support options.

2. Select “Help” from the Menu

  • Once you’re logged in, navigate to the menu and select the “Help” option.

3. Choose “Live Chat”

  • Among the various support choices, click on “Live Chat.”

4. Provide Your Information

  • You’ll be prompted to enter some essential details, including your name, email address, and the subject of your inquiry. Make sure to fill these in accurately.

5. Ask Your Question

  • Now comes the main part: type your question or describe your issue in the chat box. Don’t hesitate to be as specific as possible to help the customer service representative assist you effectively.

6. Connect with a Representative

  • After sending your message, you’ll be connected with a Grubhub customer service representative. They will work with you to resolve your query or concern.

7. End the Chat

  • Once your issue has been resolved or your question answered, click “End Chat” to close the conversation. You’re all set!

Using Grubhub’s Live Chat feature is a quick and efficient way to get the help you need, whether it’s about tracking your order, resolving an issue, or any other inquiry related to Grubhub’s services. If you ever have more questions in the future, don’t hesitate to use this feature—it’s there to make your Grubhub experience smoother and more enjoyable.

How to Submit a Complaint to Grubhub

We understand that sometimes things don’t go as planned, and you may need to submit a complaint about your Grubhub experience. Whether it’s a late delivery or unsatisfactory food quality, here’s a template to help you express your concerns effectively:

Dear [Name of Grubhub Representative],

I am writing to submit a complaint regarding my recent experience with Grubhub. On [date], I placed an order for [list items] from [restaurant name]. Unfortunately, the order was not delivered in a timely manner and arrived cold and soggy.

I understand that mistakes can happen, but this is unacceptable. I expect better service from Grubhub, especially considering the amount of money I spent on the order.

I would like to request a full refund for the order, as well as a credit for future orders. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your Name]

Using this template ensures that your complaint is clear, concise, and includes all the necessary information for Grubhub’s customer service team to address your issue promptly.

How to Request a Refund from Grubhub

If you’ve had an unsatisfactory experience with your Grubhub order and would like to request a refund, follow this template to make your request:

Dear [Name],

I am writing to request a refund for my recent order from Grubhub. On [date], I placed an order for [list items] and was charged [amount]. Unfortunately, the food that arrived was not up to the standards I expected.

The food was cold and of poor quality. I understand that mistakes can happen, but this experience has left me feeling dissatisfied with the service I received. As such, I would like to request a full refund for the amount I paid.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

[Your Name]

Using this template ensures that your refund request is clear and includes all the necessary details for Grubhub to process your request promptly.

How to Change or Cancel an Order on Grubhub

Sometimes, you might need to make changes to or cancel an order you’ve placed on Grubhub. Here’s how to do it:

1. Contact the Restaurant Directly

  • To change or cancel an order, you should reach out to the restaurant directly. You can find the restaurant’s contact information in your order confirmation email.

2. Restaurant Policies Apply

  • Please note that Grubhub cannot change or cancel orders on your behalf. Each restaurant may have its own policies regarding order changes and cancellations, so it’s essential to contact them directly to inquire about your specific situation.

While Grubhub strives to make your ordering experience as smooth as possible, they rely on the individual restaurant’s policies when it comes to modifying or canceling orders. Be sure to check the details provided in your order confirmation for the best course of action.

How to Contact Grubhub for Business Solutions

If you’re a business owner or manager looking to explore Grubhub’s offerings for your establishment, you can easily get in touch with their business solutions team. Here’s how:

1. Phone

  • You can reach Grubhub’s business solutions team by phone at 1-888-234-7842. Give them a call, and their experts will assist you with any questions or inquiries you may have regarding Grubhub for business.

2. Email

  • Alternatively, you can send an email to This is another convenient way to get in touch with Grubhub’s business team, and they’ll promptly respond to your inquiries.

Grubhub’s business solutions are designed to help establishments of all sizes and types streamline their food delivery services. Whether you run a restaurant or manage corporate catering, Grubhub can provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

How to Contact Grubhub for Technical Support

Experiencing technical issues with the Grubhub app or website? Don’t worry; their Technical Support team is here to assist you 24/7. Here’s how to get in touch:

1. Phone (1-877-547-7277)

  • You can reach Grubhub’s Technical Support team by phone at 1-877-547-7277. Feel free to call anytime, as they’re available around the clock to help you resolve any technical problems you may encounter.

2. Email (

  • If you prefer email, you can also contact Technical Support by sending an email to They’ll respond promptly and guide you through any technical issues you’re facing.

Technical glitches can be frustrating, but Grubhub’s dedicated Technical Support team is there to ensure you have a smooth and trouble-free ordering experience. Whether it’s troubleshooting app problems or website issues, they’ve got you covered.

In conclusion, Grubhub values its customers’ feedback and inquiries, offering a range of communication channels to ensure you can reach out in the way that suits you best. Whether it’s through phone support, email, Live Chat, social media, or traditional mail, Grubhub is committed to making your dining experience enjoyable and hassle-free. And if you’re a business owner or need technical assistance, they have specialized teams ready to assist you. So, the next time you have a question or need assistance with your Grubhub order, don’t hesitate to reach out using one of these convenient methods. Your satisfaction is their priority!

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